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At the end of the day you want to make an advertising decision that is easy to track and, more importantly, brings you a great return on your investment. That ’s exactly what we offer!

The #1 reason why our coupon book is a better advertising medium is because coupons take the mystery out of advertising. Conveying this concept is the most important part of our job this summer. The answer can be found in one word: Results!

The coupon book drive students into local businesses and brings a measurable return on investment (ROI) to our clients. Users are always looking for ways to save on pizza, subs, dining, tanning, apartments, clothing, books, school supplies, movie rentals, nails, hair & beauty, copy centers, oil changes, car washes, tires, auto repair, dry cleaning, flowers, cell phone service, tattoos & body piercing, and the list goes on. Whether the offer is buy 1 get 1 free, $5 off, or 25% off, students naturally gravitate toward businesses that offer discounts. Everyone loves getting a deal! focuses on helping people save money, while at the same time helping local business owners retain and gain new customers year round.

Our products make it possible for local businesses to reach the entire online buyer early, gain yearlong exposure, and TRACK ITS EFFECTIVENESS – all for an affordable price.

Please contact us if you’re interested in discussing your advertising options in more detail.

Call us directly at 91- 2539 4057 and select the option for sales or send us an email and we’ll follow up with a phone call to you.


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You will get an ad space on the right side of that appears on every page 24/7. Along with your ad space in the side bar, you will also get a Featured Coupon slot for 2 business days.

Your sidebar ad and featured coupon slot will gain you exposure to hundreds of users every day.

More than 10,0000 users per month.
More than 4,00,000 page views.
Average time on site: 2.5 minutes.

Advertising options:

We offer 2 sizes of ad for the side bar that appear on every page of, Jpegs and animated Gif files are both excepted.

● 250x250 ad unit
● 780x90 ad unit

You can pick between a monthly plan or a 3 month package.

● 250x250 – $20 per month – $55/3 month package (Special Discount)
● 780 x 90 – $25 per month $65/ 3 month package (Special Discount)

We are excited to start working with you! Contact us and we will get back with you within one business day.